What makes you decide online dating is right for you??

I’m torn, in so many ways, but in this instance about online dating.

Maybe putting myself out there in a dating scene would help me get over my ex, K. Even though I’d like another chance, I’m not sure it’s in my cards…. And I don’t know how to move on and let go of my feelings for him.

I’ve talked to a few guys last year, all of whom I quickly realized were not the guy for me. I think that made me pull back again towards hanging onto K, because I know how good of a guy he was, how genuinely happy I was with him, and how good a relationship can/should be..

So is the best way to get over someone to “get under someone else” as the saying goes? Well… Maybe not get under them! But date… Is online dating a good way to meet good, genuine men?? Is that the right way to get over someone? I don’t know that I think it is, but how else can I move on? Maybe I need to be distracted by someone to “forget” about K.. But would that be just repressing my feelings, sweeping it all under the rug?

Ugh… Obviously I’m torn… Anyone have advice?? I could use a friendly word of advice right about now…


5 thoughts on “What makes you decide online dating is right for you??

  1. I feel you..it’s a 50/50 with the online dating thing..the best advice I can give is to balance your emotional state and not get in too big of a hurry to find a guy. if you really want to meet someone, that tells me you need to not want it so much. learn to be independent and be at peace on your own. this is hard for sure, but it offers you clarity. be patient and be picky. don’t settle just cause you want someone right away….jus my two cents

    • Thank you.. I have had my ups and downs within the last year of being single.. It’s a journey for sure! There are times I am happy being alone and with myself, and then there are times where I doubt if I’m ready for a relationship.. My head and my heart tell me two different things…

      Thank you again for your very good advice.. I appreciate it so much!

  2. Hi Aly! I just wrote a blog on online dating πŸ™‚ when I broke up with my ex I was “lost” but I read an amazing book “the single woman” by Mandy Hale. It was life changing! πŸ™‚ I took what she said and just started focusing on myself. I have never looked back! I got into painting and writing. Things I never did before! πŸ™‚ take some you time and discover what makes you happy! Xo Jena

    • I will definitely have to check out that book!!

      I have made some big changes within myself in the past year of bring single.. I’m discovering who I am for the first time in my life pretty much.. It’s hard sometimes, but nothing beats being able to do what you want, when you want.. Lol! I just read your last blog post and can totally relate! I think I need to stay focused on me and enjoy some one on one time with myself, and when my mr right cones along, I’ll be ready!

      Thanks for the advice and for your last blog (even tho it’s not related to me).. I needed a positive pick me up!


      • That’s the best medicine!! There’s another book ME before We by Christine Arylo. (I am not the reading type, but these I loved! Actually couldn’t put down) and you are welcome πŸ™‚

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