The Positives of Being Single

Well, this will be my list anyway.

Yesterday I was struggling a little bit. Every day is a struggle. Not to be single (I really don’t mind it), but being a happier, more positive person. So today (what’s left of it for me), I want to just jot down some of the positive things in my life that come from being single! 

Being able to do anything I want, whenever, wherever, without having to check with/get approval from anyone else. One of the best things about being an adult and single! There have been a few times where I have had a couple of days off in a row, some extra cash, and so I’ve just decided to get in my car and drive 7 hours to Disneyland for a me vacation! The first time I did this, it was completely spur of the moment- i got the idea on my way home from work at 10 pm and was packed and in my car driving to Anaheim by midnight. Best, most liberating, spontaneous experience of my life! I had never done anything like that, EVER. Got to go on whatever rides I wanted, ate whatever foods I craved, shopped for however long I felt like…. But yeah! This is just one example.. Another, going out to breakfast or lunch with my friends or sisters randomly. Send a text, I feel like XYZ for lunch, wanna join? And there ya go! It really is a great thing.

Sleeping! My room is my space. More bed space to stretch out. My choice of pillows. No loud snoring. No debate about who wants to stay up and finish this show, or who wants to go to bed early. I’m tired at 8:30, I go to sleep! I want to stay up late watching Girl Code, followed by the Notebook and Pride and Prejudice, no problem! Once I broke up with my last boyfriend and moved back home, I painted my room a lavender mauve and decked out my room girly! No boy to tell me he doesn’t want a purple room or hot pink throw pillows. Oh, and the closet! ALLLLLL mine!!! I hope I’m not coming off as snobby or selfish, but these are (in my opinion) nice changed from how I was used to things before… And if I am being selfish, well… If you can’t be selfish when you’re single, when can you be?!

Saving money. Maybe guys spend more when in relationships than women, but somehow I have been able to have a savings of extra cash (even with all my disneyland trips and groupon shopping sprees). First time in my life where I have a stash in case of emergency or just to do whatever I want with. I buy what food I want to eat or cook. I pay my bills (for the things I choose to have). And I’ve been able to help out family members who need to borrow a little bit to make ends meet with short term loans. Feels good to be able to help if anyone needs it… Sure, I do save a lot by living with my dad, but he leaves me alone and works a lot of opposing shifts from me, so it’s pretty much like living alone. But I guess that’s another positive- having supportive family members!

A few little things too.. Listening to whatever kind of music I want to in the car. I feel like rocking out to old school Nickelback, or want to go on a country music binge, I can.

Or if I feel like going out and getting my next tattoo, I can. I had an ex try and stop me from getting my second tattoo, saying if I got it, he would “be less physically attracted” to me. I got it anyway, and ended up braking up with him like 2-3 months after… I have 5 now. And I will be getting more. It’s a part of me. Something I like getting done and having. Don’t like what I got? Well it’s a good thing I didn’t get them for you then, isn’t it?

Another thing… Wearing whatever I feel like. If I want to wear sweat pants all day and put no makeup on, I do. If i want to go out of the house in yoga pants, I do. If I want to show some cleavage, no one can stop me! If I don’t want to get dolled up with my makeup and hair done, I’ll go run some quick errands without makeup and my unbrushed hair up in a sloppy bun. Or if I feel like getting all dolled up for no particular reason, I do it. Even if it’s just around the house… And I can wear lipstick!! I had exes who absolutely hated me wearing lipstick (because it got on them, boohoo). Once I broke up with my last ex, I started wearing red and bright pink lipstick a lot more! I like it, so I wear it. 

Hmm… That’s a pretty good list, right? I’m sure there are many more things I could list down, but I’m satisfied for tonight… 🙂 I’m going to go get some Chinese food!


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