Valentines Day for One

So, I’m sure you all know Valentines Day is just round the corner… If you have that someone special to share it with, I’m sure you’re excited. If you’re single, maybe not that much. Maybe you’re one of those people who hates Valentines Day…

It’s just another day of the year. A Hallmark Holiday to some. I’ve always liked Valentines Day; something about the romantic idea of a day to show your significant other how much you love them with cards and gifts and a nice dinner. But I’ve always tried to look at it as just another day to show your significant other that you love them. You should do that every day, not just because of some “holiday.”

Last year was my first single Valentines Day since I started dating. I was one of those grumpy Valentines Day singles last year, but this year is going to be something different! I work in the restaurant industry, so obviously Valentines Day dinner is going to be busy. Some people might not want to work it, but I actually requested it! It’s not like I have a boyfriend to go out with, or have to hurry home to… I’m looking forward to making sure the couples I get in my section have a great evening together. And making some money to save up for my cruise! 😛

But as for myself, I plan on celebrating Valentines Day anyway, single or not. Since I work on the 14th, I’m going to celebrate tomorrow night instead (the day before). I went out and bought some steaks, some potatoes to bake, some asparagus, and a bottle of my favorite champagne! Why shouldn’t I treat myself to a nice dinner? Just because I’m single doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate loving myself and my singleness. This is such a great time in my life, a time where I am focusing on myself, doing new adventurous things, and celebrating the journey I’m on right now. So there you have it!

Just because you are single doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy Valentines Day. Treat yourself a little! Buy some flowers or chocolates. Or both! Treat yourself to a nice dinner. Spend the day doing something that makes you happy, like getting a massage or having a Disney movie marathon! Or hang out with a group of friends. Do whatever makes you happy! Embrace your life as it is, single or not, and enjoy the holiday dedicated to Love.


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