It’s okay to feel sad

It’s normal to feel sad sometimes… Right?

Sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t feel sad. I have a great life. God has blessed me in so many ways, and I know He has something amazing in store for me. He knows my heart- He knows the things I want, and He wants me to have them. My life has taught me that everything really does happen for a reason. Everything works out how it’s supposed to.

But I can’t help but feel sad. I watched a couple shows today about people getting married.. And that’s something I want.. I’m ready for those things… I try and just remind myself that Gods time is perfect and these things will happen…

And I’ve been thinking about K today.. It always makes me sad thinking about him because I was so genuinely happy with him.. I miss having that kind of healthy relationship. I miss talking to him. I miss how comfortable I felt with him. Like we were right together… Maybe some of it is just being in a relationship altogether…. I miss being physically and emotionally close to someone like that. I miss the intimate companionship that relationships have… And I know I’d rather wait for the right guy than just settle to get in a relationship. But it’s still hard, and I’m still morose today..

My heart aches for it. When I finally do get my Mr Right, I know I’ll appreciate it so much more because ill know what it feels like to be without it… Does that make sense? To truly appreciate something you have to feel the weight of knowing what it’s like to be without it…

Idk if I’m making sense… Just needed to get my thoughts out…


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