Are you out there?

Are You out there? Are You looking for me? Are You hoping for me? I hope you are out there. I hope you are as eager as I am.

Do You feel lonely, like I do? Do You feel sad, like I do? Are You working toward your goals in life that you want to accomplish before we meet, like I am? Do You pray to God about meeting me one day soon, like I do?

Are You someone I’ve met before? Or are You someone new? The thought scares me, if you are a complete stranger. So much more work. So much to open up about. So much to risk. How will I know You when I see you? Will You know me?

What if we pass right by each other? What if we never meet? I can’t stand the thought. You have to be out there. I need you. I want you. You’re supposed to my soul mate.

I don’t even know who You are or who You might be… Well… I thought I did. But I’m not sure anymore. It’s been so long since K. A part of me still holds onto hope that it could be you, K, but I’m not as sure as I was 3 months ago… Maybe You are someone new. Maybe a fresh start is what God knows I need…

I hope you’re out there…. I hope we can meet soon…


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