So… I can’t sleep. Even though I’ve been up since 5:30 am for work… And I’m bored, and not tired at all, and so here I am!

Even if I am just talking to myself on here.. I feel like I have no one i can really text or talk to when I’m bored at home.. Which in turn just makes me feel lonely…

I don’t really have any close friends anymore… Life has kind of moved us in different directions… Different phases of our lives… My closest friend is my big sister but I don’t always feel like I can talk to her.. I know I can tell her anything, but she’s busy with her kids.. It’s not like I can just text here for an hour to talk all the time. I’m glad I have her though..

I miss having someone to talk to.. Like an intimate person. A close friend who I can talk to for any reason at any time. I miss feeling close to someone like how you do in a relationship… Today was a goo day though. I haven’t felt sad or anything all day.. Even now, feeling lonely and bored but not sad about the fact that I’m alone/single. That’s progress, right?!

At least blogging seems to help.. It feels like talking to someone. I can open up about whatever is on my mind and what I’m feeling in my heart. I’m sure a few people read my blogs, but even if no one did, I would still do it. It’s kind of like my own form of self therapy… No shrinks for me! I usually am pretty good at working/talking myself through things…

Wow this has been a random blog… I guess I’m guna go watch a movie until I can fall asleep… Night! 🙂


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