I guess it’s that time…

The last few days I’ve been super emotional over everything. It’s kind of funny, in retrospect, but not necessarily at the time… 😛

Every once in a while, everything kind of bubbles up and I cry over the littlest things.. And I guess it’s just that time right now! I watched Frozen for the first time the other night, and I totally teared up during a lot of the songs and sweet parts of the movies… I’m a HUGE Disney fan, fyi.. The relationship between the two sisters, Elsa and Anna, just was real touching.. And I loved their sassiness!!

Another thing was that I cried reading the ending to a book series.. Like I had to keep stopping to blow my nose and wait so I could see again from all the tears.. Just something about the love story in this book really got to me, and then the ending, one of them died.. It has nothing to do with my relationship with K, my ex from 4 years ago who I still have feelings for, but all I could think about when finishing this book, and the tragic way their love story concluded, he was all I could think about. They’ve gotten less and less frequent, but I still do have my breakdowns over him. I guess this book was just the trigger this time… But I ended up crying myself to sleep, thinking about the book and K…

I guess I can’t be strong and keep everything inside all the time. Even though I have this blog to vent my life to, I guess sometimes I just need to physically release these things…

Hmm.. Well I guess I’m done for now… Short and sweet!


3 thoughts on “I guess it’s that time…

  1. I am sorry for your heartbreak! At least you are getting it out by posting. I am documenting my experience in practicing Healthy Narcissism. It may be something that interests you due to what you are going through and feeling. Either way, if not, I empathized with your post. Thanks for sharing

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