Spoiling myself

Sometimes the littlest things can have such a big impact on your life. Sometimes all you need is to treat yourself to a little You Time. Funny how a small change can have such a large impact… Since becoming single, well really since the start of the new year, I’ve been trying to focus on Me and doing little things that boost my self esteem and happiness…

Just little things like getting my nails done. Making an effort to be social. Getting my hair done. Small little things, but it makes me feel great about myself. If you feel pretty, it can change the negative self image you may have about yourself.. It can make a positive impact in your life….

Even if you are tight on money, $20 a month for a pedicure is a small price to pay for helping to feel better about yourself… Cook yourself a nice dinner to celebrate You. Buy yourself a new outfit. Treat yourself every now and then. It’s healthy…

~aly. 😉


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