Staying “friends”

So I’m still Facebook friends with my ex J who is getting ready to have a baby with his new gf. Those who have read my previous blogs know about this situation… It doesn’t bug me anymore, especially since I figured out why I was having so many different emotions about it. It was more because I haven’t gotten these things yet, even though I’m trying to do things right and he is getting them (albeit not happily).

Anyway… I don’t necessarily want to be “friends” with him on Facebook anymore. But every time I go to delete him, I stop… I’m curious to see what the baby looks like or find other info out.. Like I recently got a more accurate date if when the baby is due, and what they’re going to name him… Part of me is curious and so I keep being “friends” with him because of that, and then part of me wants to sever ties- just delete him and put him in my past. I don’t want to hurt myself by allowing myself to see these things, in case it brings another mini emotional meltdown like when I first found out about it all. I don’t feel like it bothers me anymore but when I’m confronted with seeing him, who knows?

I don’t know what to do… Stay “friends”, delete J now, or wait until the baby is born and then delete him… I just feel like its curiosity that keeps me from unfriending him. I don’t have any feelings for him. I have absolutely no desire to get back with him or even talk to him…

Any words of advice? Any suggestions??


3 thoughts on “Staying “friends”

  1. Just delete. For your own sake, I know it’s hard and will be hard because there might be a little something because you’re still keeping him wether it’s feelings or curiosity, but if you want to move forward you can keep peeking at what’s behind you, love yourself, be happy, let the positive and good times arrive and everything will fall into place for you, I’m similar in respect I deleted every memory everything and I feel better but if I saw her etc I don’t know how I’d be, it’s tough but with time it’ll get easier and better

    G.S 🌹

    • I think it’s mostly curiosity, but I know when I first found out the news, I was shocked.. It hurt me because he is getting the things I want so badly in my own life, even though I’ve heard the circumstances aren’t necessarily the best or happiest of conditions on his part.. I do worry that it is hurting me, even if I don’t want him back… Maybe the best thing for me is to just delete him and stop looking back…

      Thanks for the advice!

      • I know it is I understand and know how you feel, I’m in a similar situation but you’re investing some time or more time than you should thinking about that and his life when you should invest all that into yours 🙂 you deserve those things in your life and they will come in time :)! Just enjoy your life and be positive and everything will fall into place

        You’re most welcome, keep up the great blog and don’t be a stranger 🌹


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