Letting go of what doesn’t matter

So I finally did decide to delete J from Facebook. I don’t want or need to see that. I am over him, but we do have a past… And having it rubbed under my nose that he has a new gf and is expecting a baby just over a year after breaking up isn’t something I need to subject myself to.

Really, truly, breaking up with him was the best thing I could have possibly done for myself! I wasn’t able to me me. For years. I was forced to recede to a shell of the woman I was before. I wasn’t able to grieve my previous relationship with K. In fact, I had to completely lock away any hint of emotion or feelings I still had for K because J was sooooo overly jealous and suspicious. I could go on for days listing all the things I had to do that damaged me because of his issues…

I am still curious about the situation, but I don’t need it in my life. I really need to just focus on myself… I will find someone, and I will have a family one day. And I’m doing things the right way, the smart way. I’m not rushing into anything with anyone. When I do find someone, I certainly will be smart when it comes to protection. I will be happy and married before starting a family. I deserve that. It’s worth waiting for. I will not be like J who now will have two baby momma’s. his current gf got knocked up within a very short time of hooking up- they weren’t even together from what I’ve heard…. Ugh but enough of that!

Time to trim the fat that was J. He’s in the past where he belongs. I’m sure ill still hear things about him, but I’m choosing to look forward. Time to stop looking back…

I suppose this would pertain to K too… But that’s a different story. Not the unhealthy “relationship” I had with J… This was more. For both of us, it was a deep intense love. For me, I’m pretty sure it was my only true, real love I’ve experienced in my life (so far). I know I should stop looking to the past, but this was so different.. This has (and will) take me more time…


One thought on “Letting go of what doesn’t matter

  1. Very proud of you, I know how had all this can be but you’ve already done the hardest part, now it’s time to focus and learn to love yourself again and get back all that you had felt you lost in respect of breaking up with J etc, you’ve done the right thing and you will be able to love with all your heart again in due time

    Keep smiling, live your life and be happy, you deserve it!

    Your Friend,

    G.S 🌹🌹

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