Nothing Less than I Expected

So after messaging K on Facebook last night, he texted me back… I didn’t hold back. I told him what i needed to know… And what he said wasn’t anything less than I expected to hear… I wish he would’ve been more blunt and definite, but he basically said there are always “ifs” and “maybes” in life, but that it wouldn’t be fair to me to keep waiting for him. That he is happy and in a good spot in his life right now. So I guess I got my closure.

I wish he could have just given me a definite no I don’t have any feelings for you anymore, or no there is no hope for a second chance anymore…

I’m not going to read too much into what he said; for once, I’m going to just take it literally as he said it and move on. I can’t wait for him anymore. I’m not going to allow my brain to keep thinking maybe one day down the line there might be another chance between us. He said he thinks I should move on, so I’m going to try.

No more looking back.

4 thoughts on “Nothing Less than I Expected

  1. I think that’s a great idea. It hurts having your heart tied around someone who doesn’t want to give it a chance. You deserve to be happy. Life shouldn’t be a waiting game, because you never know how much time you’ll actually have. Great post!

  2. You don’t want to be the girl that’s always waiting on the guy. Guys like to have girls in their back pocket. So he might not want you to stop liking him but he doesn’t want any commitment. Screw this guy, he has caused enough heartache and problems. It’s time to find a guy that completely and totally loves you for the beautiful woman you are. Don’t forget that you’re strong.

    • It’s a little more complicated.. He was all that when we dated 4 years ago, but i broke up with him because i was dealing with some major depression and wasn’t able to talk about how i was feeling.. We never had any issues… I immediately got stuck in a horrible relationship, and he moved on after a while.. And after I finally left my bad relationship, I realized I still had feelings for him.. So without meaning to really, I was holding onto hope that we could go back to the great relationship we had had before… But he was in a relationship..

      But i can’t keep waiting for ‘what if’s’ anymore.. I got my closure.. And I need to let go and move on finally… I deserve to be happy.. I deserve to be loved.. It’s time now.

      Thanks for the comment! ❤

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