Reaching Out for Answers

So I finally reached out to K… Literally minutes ago, I sent him a Facebook message… I figured it was the safest route to go. I cannot move forward in my life without getting these answers from him… I don’t feel like anyone in my life understand why I haven’t been able to move on yet, and it’s so hard to not feel like I have any support from people who understand my struggle…..

So here is a copy of what I sent him… Hopefully I’ll hear back relatively soon.. Maybe then I will be able to finally know to let go and move forward in my life… I deserve to find happiness and find my one person I’m meant to be with. If it can’t be K, I need to know….

“Hey K. I hope you are doing well and happy. I’m really sorry to bug you again… I don’t want you to think badly of me for bugging you so much. I just really need some answers from you…

I think you understand how hard it’s been for me to forgive myself and move on from you. I’ve been struggling with it for over a year and a half… As hard as it may be, I need you to be 110% completely honest. Even if you think it will hurt me; I promise I will be ok. I’m strong; I can take it, and I’d rather know and be hurt than spend the rest of my life wondering “what if.”

But i’ve found myself unable to move on with my life lately. I’ve tried so hard to move on and let go, but part of me hasn’t been able to. You are always in the back of my mind. Maybe it’s just been me reading what I want to hear in the conversations we have had.. And again, I am so sorry that I keep bringing this all up to you…

I understand that a lot of time has passed and that we are both very different people. I see that you have moved on. I respect that, and I’m glad that you have been able to… But I really need you to be brutally honest with me. I need to know if you are completely over me. I need you to tell me to move on, that there is no hope, because otherwise my heart will keep telling me there is still hope for one day. I feel like I need to hear it from you, to tell me that I need to let go. That is really is over forever. Otherwise I’m just going to continue to be stuck in the same spot…. I’m sorry that I have to bring this up again.

This can be the last time you hear from me. Just let me know…

Thanks for understanding,



So that’s that!! I’ll let you all know how it goes…

xoxo ~Aly.

2 thoughts on “Reaching Out for Answers

  1. I hope you hear back because it’s time to move on. It shouldn’t take a year and a half to finish tying up loose ends. You’re a strong person, I can tell because you’re still trying to find answers. So don’t say sorry for bugging him because lets be honest you’re not sorry you need these answers and he needs to give them to you. Be strong and get the result you want. You’re already trying so hard and working at resolving the issue, it’s time.

    I wish you the best of luck on finding the answers you need, not the answers you want.

    • Thank you! And you’re right- I’m not sorry.. This is something I need to hear, and I am prepared to hear the worst. I expect him to tell me to move on and let go. As weird as it may sound, i just need to hear it from him, even though my mind already knows it… Thanks for your kind words!

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