Yes, I have butterflies!! Tomorrow is the big day- the first date i have gone on in around a year! Ahhhh! *girly excited scream* It’s definitely too soon to tell, but i think this guy may be a good one…

I’m beyond excited.. Every time I’ve thought about this date, Ive gotten butterflies (since we made the plans friday!); that’s a lot of butterflies!! lol

But to be honest, I have been having some anxiety over it too… I am just barely starting to move on from K. I definitely have noticed that he isn’t on my mind as much. Parts of me still are thinking “what if” but I’m telling myself NO whenever I start to go down that road…

Just because he  (K) was the best relationship I’ve had, doesn’t mean it was the best relationship I will ever have… I keep telling myself that.. If it can’t be K, then I know God has someone out there better for me.

I dunno what this thing with C will be yet, its just too soon, but I’m keeping myself open. And it doesn’t have to be serious right away.. I can take my time, get to know him, and see where things go… And if it doesn’t end up going anywhere then at least I can say I had fun!

Which leads me to the next thing……..

Dinner has now turned into dinner and a baseball game!! Just the local minor league, but still… 😀 He sounded excited.. He just called a few minutes ago to see if I’d be interested in going to the game with another couple/mutual friends..

So yes. There ya have it! All the new and exciting things in my life… I don’t think i’ll have time to blog tomorrow (work, then getting ready, then dinner and the game) but you can almost guarantee that I’ll be posting how it went on Thursday!

xoxo Aly.


2 thoughts on “Butterflies

  1. That sounds like so much fun. He wants intimate date time and couple date time. He expects the date to go amazing that’s why he wanted to continue it (: Take pictures!

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