So yeah… About that date…

I’ve been kind of dreading writing this blog… So the date was 2 nights ago. And as I said before, I was really really nervous….. But I literally embarrassed myself sooooo bad!

I took an anxiety pill before I left my house to meet him, because I felt so nervous and almost like i was going to have an anxiety attack.. So I took it and didn’t think anything of it until the next morning….

It was fun. We had a nice light dinner at a brewery.. I told him I had been nervous all day, but he was good at keeping the conversation moving.. I get quiet when I’m nervous… I was kind of feeling him out to see if he would maybe want to go out again, without me being too obvious of course… We each had 2 beers with dinner there, and then we headed to the baseball game.. Conversation was pretty easy. We both were making little jokes… We met up with our mutual friends and got a few more beers…

And then, BOOM!!!!! All the sudden I was seeing double, drunk as hell, and I went to the restroom to get sick… OMG, so embarrassing!! I had only had a few beers, and I was ok until all the sudden, I was sick and throwing up! The other girl there came in the bathroom and gave me some sprite and water.. They were all very nice about it, but I was so embarrassed! Way to go, Alyssa- getting drunk and throwing up!! I kept apologizing and C kept saying not to be, that it was ok… We got a cab back to their house, and he put me to sleep in his room. He slept on the couch… So at least he was gentlemanly about it… I did offer to sleep on the couch and he said no…

So I slept it off for like 5 hours and ended up sneaking out of their house at like 3:45 am.

Next boring comes around, I still feel sick and throw up a few times, but I wasn’t hung over at all. I felt completely fine except dizzy and nauseous still… I didn’t even have that much to drink, so why did I get so sick all of a sudden???? Then I remembered that anxiety pill I had taken….

I basically drugged myself unintentionally! After talking to my mom, she told me that you are NOT supposed to take tranquilizers and drink alcohol… DUH ALY!!! Gosh, could i have made myself look any dumber on a first date?!?

I decided not to text him first… I am still so embarrassed, even though it was me who accidentally drugged myself (basically- I might have a slight over exaggeration problem but that’s another blog…). I haven’t heard anything from him yet. It’s only been 2 days, so I guess we’ll see…

He seems like a nice guy, but it’s not guna kill me if it doesn’t work out. I’m used to being alone and single now… lol

So yeah.. That’s what happened with that… Better luck next time…

xoxo Aly.

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