Starting over in a new place

There have been several times where I’ve seriously thought about moving somewhere far away and starting over… The thought is so appealing.. Scary, but appealing.

I have a friend who recently moved to Florida to work at Disney World!! Seeing all her pictures and how much fun she is having makes me wish I could do it too… Or even just move down to LA to work at Disneyland..

To start over. Not have the constant reminders of K around, or worry about seeing J around town with his new baby mama (she is due any day now). To start fresh. Somewhere fun and new… It’s almost too good to think about…

But I would be leaving my family.. That’s pretty much the only reason I don’t… My older sister and my nieces are everything to me… And my sister is having her baby boy later this year… I feel like I would be being too selfish to move away from them.

And then there is the fact that I’m 25.. I feel too old to go off and have silly adventures… I want to start thinking about buying a house.. If I found he right guy, I’d want to start thinking about having a family… Could I really put off all that for another year or so to run off to another city?

I don’t think I ever would do it, but I wish I could sometimes… Or that I would’ve done it a few years ago when I was younger…

Hmm.. Just random thoughts… Have a great day everyone!


One thought on “Starting over in a new place

  1. You should at least do it for a short period of time I think, I spent 5 days in Spain and it’s changed me already and to be honest I could do with moving out there for a while(as we talked about in my post.

    I would love to move to America if I had the funds etc and you’re still a young lady! I know it’s scary and I’m 23/24 but you have plenty of time to get a house, raise a family as you never know if you moved somewhere and found clarity/made peace with the k situation and wasn’t worrying about bumping into j, it may actually allow you to meet someone in the location you moved to!

    Also about your family it’s not a selfish move at all, it’s something sometimes you have to do for yourself, your family no doubt would love and support any decision you do! And you could always visit them and there’s always things now like Skype etc!

    Sometimes you gotta be brave to be bold,
    Have stories to tell when you’re older and enjoy life and the beautiful world out there, there’s so much more to life I promise 🙂 you deserve to see all the wonders that’s out there

    Keep smiling and never say never

    G. S 🌹

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