Trying Not to Revert to Old Habits

Kinda down today… It’s hard sometimes not to revert back to holding onto K when things aren’t going great…

With the date the other night not going so well, it just makes me think about K again… It’s like, I’m trying to move on but it just isn’t working out!! C makes the 5th or so guy I’ve gone on a date with… He seemed nice but I just don’t know if it’ll lead to anything, even if I ever do hear from him…. I know it’s still early to say, but I just don’t know if there is guna be that spark there between us…

I just get sad still sometimes.. It’s hard to keep being positive… Love is something I want and look forward to… I’ve had it with K, but it doesn’t mean he is the only one I will ever love. God has someone for me… I have faith in that…

But like I said, it’s just hard to stay positive… I’m not necessarily bummed just because the date with C didn’t go so great, just in general… I’m having a little bit of a hard time adjusting and letting go completely… I know I deserve to be happy again, and I really am fine with being single for now. I just have to wait for the right guy to come along… Even if its not K….

Xoxo Aly

3 thoughts on “Trying Not to Revert to Old Habits

  1. You’re still going through the motions with it all but take a positive that you are meeting and dating and it shows that there are people and opportunities out there for you and everyone infact, I know there may not be a spark or it might not “feel” the way it felt with k but what I see is the road I’ve been on and kinda still on, I’m same with Scarlett I could meet a girl now and maybe I’d compare sometimes I get a little sad going back to what we both had but I wake up every morning and I give myself the option of feeling sad about Scarlett or to move forward in my life and live in the moment.

    It will come to you, it’s all in gods plans, you deserve love because you have a warm heart and are a great person!

    Everything takes time, make sure you’ve recovered and got yourself in a good place, I must admit even I’m on the good road to recovery because I’ve made peace and come to accept what is, we all struggle through to this stage but you will get there.

    Sorry for the essay couldn’t sleep and came across your post,

    Keep smiling and I’m always here if you need

    Your friend,

    G.S xox

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