Blind Dates and Questions

So this blog is going to have 2 kind of separate, kind of related topics. I’ve been meaning to blog this question for a couple weeks.. But first- blind dates!

I’ve never been on one. In fact, I’ve kind of been opposed to the idea. BUT one of my close girlfriends I work with has a guy she wants to set me up with. Tentatively for this Thursday, and it’s going to be a double date. Her and her husband, and then me and this guy (David I think).

Also, please note this will be my first date in about 3 months since the horrendous affair where I basically drugged myself by taking anti anxiety meds and then drinking alcohol (apparently you are NOT supposed to do that, FYI.

So I’m trying to not over think and get myself all worked up like I did last time… It’s just a dinner double date. If it goes good, then we will go from there. And if not, he’ll just be another guy to add to my list of ones who didn’t work out. I’m not expecting anything… I’m not even totally sure if I am ready for a relationship… Obviously it’s something I want- I want to settle down and all that. I miss the companionship and benefits of having a man in my life….

Which I guess leads me right into my question… What are your guys’ opinions on sleeping with people you are not in a relationship with? I would love to hear your personal opinions! Thus far, i’ve only slept with people I’ve been in relationships with, which is not a very big number.. And I’m all for women embracing their sexuality. I cannot stand the double standard (at least here in the US) that it is not only okay for men to have a number of sexual partners in their lives, but it is actually praised! And women are thought of as sluts or whatever if they do the same exact thing. I see nothing wrong with women having one night stands, as long as it’s what she wants and she is safe about it.

Personally, I’ve never done it, but it has been something that has been on my mind lately. It’s been a year and 8 months since I becoming single again.. That’s a long time! I know this isn’t usually a topic I discuss, but hey! It’s part of human life. Everybody does it..

I can’t make up my mind on if I want to continue to only sleep with people I date seriously, or if it might be good for me (liberating, boosting for my self esteem, ect.)… Or for that matter, I’ve already withheld for 20 months- heck, why not just try and wait until I am married. I do regret losing my virginity so early. I wish I would have waited… So maybe now would be the time to take my sexuality back into my own hands, so to speak. I know these are very opposite paths I’m looking at here! It’s just been something on my mind…

So please! What are your guys’ personal thoughts and opinions on the matter??

Looking forward to hearing some responses!
xoxo Aly.

2 thoughts on “Blind Dates and Questions

  1. I personally think that you should be dating someone that you sleep with. But to me sex is something that is on another intimate level that my partner and I have to reach so I know it’s right. With that being said I’ve only been with one guy so I don’t know how it is or how I would act if I was single now that I have slept with someone.

    • I very much feel the same way… Maybe loneliness is getting the best of me now, making me rethink things… And I feel like I’m sure it would be so much better to wait until I find someone special.. It just hard waiting, I guess…

      Xoxo Aly

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