Moving Forward While Looking Backwards

Is it possible? To be able to move forward in life if one is still looking over their shoulder to the past? I’m trying to move forward with my life, but I can’t help but think of K still. It’s less than it was, but he is still there, in my mind.

Still no word for potential love interest, David.. Today is day 3 but we both work in the restaurant industry, so we both work weekends. I think I will text him by Tuesday if I don’t hear from him… I would like to get to know him more.. I’d like to give it a chance, if he does…

But our mutual friend who set us up said something about an ex girlfriend of his (I’m not sure how recent or not she is) who was trying to string him along or something.. Trying to wiggle her way back into his life.. So maybe he is struggling with looking back to his past too… Maybe it’s just another thing we have in common, trying to decide to move forward or keep looking to the past.

We had so much in common, it wouldn’t surprise me to find out he might be in a similar situation to me. I don’t know anything else, like if he is wanting her back or if its just her trying to get him back. Or how serious they were. Or how long ago they broke up.. Do I want to get involved with someone who just got out of a relationship? From my own experience, people need time to heal from previous relationships before getting into healthy new ones…

Maybe date two is acceptable to start taking about more serious things like last relationships? Lol. Or do I wait for date 3??

One step at a time, Aly! Lets get date two set up first…

Happy Sunday everyone!
Xoxo Aly.

3 thoughts on “Moving Forward While Looking Backwards

  1. It’s a tough situation, I wouldn’t mention or ask about it in date two because sometimes it can come across abit too upfront and serious to some people, also if you’re truly getting to know each other it’ll come out naturally in a conversation regardless, then you kinda know the situation, I got close to a girl a while after me and Scarlett broke up and in my head I thought I liked her but I was actually just alone and feeling lonely, not all people do that but it didn’t feel right and I felt like I’d rush straight out there. Somehow someway find out what the situation was and don’t over think about it, date 2 isn’t a lot of dates to figure someone out just enjoy it for what it is see how number 2 goes then judge it from there 🙂 onwards and upwards aly and yes it’s possible to move forward with your life and still look at the past its something I can’t help but do

    Chin up and be positive

    G.S xox

    • You’re right… I just need to relax and see how things go.. And I may need to stop myself from getting my hopes up too soon, like I usually do. There’s no rush, no pressure yet.. 😛 Sometimes I feel like I’m forcing myself to take steps to move on… I’m making myself step outside my comfort zone! Hopefully I’ll hear from him soon, and we can get date #2 set up! I’ll keep you posted!

      xoxo Aly.

      • You do :), just keep as you are you’ve done the hardest part don’t EXPECT anything Shakespeare says “expectation is the route of all heartache”, so just expect to hear nothing and hey he may text you first and you’ll be on your next date! 🙂 absolutely no rush or pressure, balls in his court you’ve both shown interest so onwards and upwards from here if he backs out its his loss and you haven’t lost anything if he goes through with next date then you’re one step closer to where you’d like to be

        Don’t force yourself but all the good stuff is always out of your comfort zone, same with jobs, hobbies etc so go for it you’re doing great keep everyone posted we’re all routing for you here 😉

        Maybe you’ve already heard from him?!? Who knows!, keep your chin up and don’t over think, you’ve got this

        G.S xox

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