Hooking Up

So I didn’t outright say it in my last blog, but me and David did hook up… And I’m not sure how I feel about it! Not that it wasn’t good, because it was! But just more the fact that I don’t do things like that… Ever! I have never had a one night stand, never slept with anyone on the first or second date… I’ve only been with guys I’ve been officially together with… Until now, I guess.

He didn’t pressure me. And I could have stopped things… If I had wanted to. But it felt good and nice and I wanted to. I wanted to, so I did.. Should I feel bad or guilty for that? I’m not sure…

It felt kind of liberating, I guess. To just do what I felt like doing. I stopped second guessing myself and did what I wanted to do. Taking my sexuality into my own hands…

Is there anything wrong with hooking up so soon? I guess part of me worries that if we start going down a more physical path then maybe we won’t get to know each other on any other level (emotional, intellectual, mental, ect). But I also think you need to have a physical attraction and know you’re sexually compatible with another person… I’ve usually just waited longer than this though! Lol.

And part of me worries he may think less of me for hooking up so soon… He hasn’t treated me that way at all, it’s just more of me being self conscious about the fact that we did.. He is so sweet and admiring and flattering, and I feel like he respects me.. Maybe next time i will talk to him more about how I’m feeling… We still have so much to learn about one another! Gosh, I barely know the guy….

Hmm.. I should get some sleep and stop over thinking things probably… Goodnight everyone!

Xoxo Aly.

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