So I basically spent the last two days with David. Wednesday night we just spontaneously decided to hang out. Just relaxed and talked and cuddled.. God, I missed cuddling! I went home for a couple hours to shower and change, then went back over yesterday. We went to the river with some of his friends, then he cooked me dinner.. It was a good few days…

And this morning when we were cuddling, he told me that he just wanted to let me know he wasn’t talking to anyone else. And I said, “me either.” And then he said “and i don’t want to..” and again, I said “me either.” So i guess that means we are exclusively talking.. I don’t know if that makes us quite bf/gf yet. Which is fine, because I want to kind of take my time. I do not want to rush into anything too serious too fast..

There are a few little things I’m not sure about with him though.. Not necessarily deal breakers but just not how i imagined the person I’d end up with would be like.. For example, he doesn’t drive or have a car. Not even a drivers license.. Not for any particular reason, he just never got it. He rides his bike, or takes the bus places, or rides with a friend.. And he didn’t go to college. He is smart though. And I don’t think he particularly believes in God.. Which is probably the biggest thing.. He was raised in a religious household, but i think he sees himself as more Agnostic.

We are still getting to know each other.. So we’ll see how things progress..

But i do know that i feel very comfortable with him. Things seems relatively natural. He’s sweet and polite and affectionate.. It’s nice to feel cherished after being single for so long..

Oh and he may be moving about 2 hours away in October.. He lived there for 6 months, then moved back here in May, and is thinking about going back. He said he isn’t sure yet… But he asked if I wanted to move there with him. I assume he wasn’t being completely serious.. But it wasn’t like a joke when he said it either… It’s just a little soon to even think about that.. Plus my nephew is due to be born in October, and I have my cruise in October…. So I don’t know how that would even work out, even if he was serious. I just said maybe, then we started talking about how he would teach me to snowboard. it’s a big ski town, where he may be moving back to.

But how many times have I thought about starting over in a new place? Daydreamed about it… Wished I had the guts to uproot and start somewhere new? Leave behind all the memories of this place, all the people, J.. And K.. And my stressful job… Idk.. Maybe it wouldn’t kill me to consider it.. Obviously it would be a big step and a big change.. So I guess I’ll just see how things go, pray about it..

I would feel so guilty leaving my big sister though. And my nieces and nephew, once he’s here.. We are so close, and I know she is depending on me a little to help once the baby gets here.. But 2 hours isn’t too far.. Maybe once she heals from having him, I could move… Ugh I don’t know!

So that’s everything that’s going on in my head right now! lol. I feel happy and content and slightly overwhelmed at the moment…

Hope everyone has a great Friday and rest of the weekend!

Xoxo Aly.

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