Too Soon

How soon is too soon to talk about moving in together? I’ve maybe known David for a month, and he has decided he is moving back to Tahoe- a town in the mountains about 2 hours away from where we live now. I’m not sure exactly when he is moving- it may be the end of this month or sometime next month…

But he asked me to come with him.. I’m not sure if he was joking or being really serious. Or if he meant a visit/trip there or to move with him.. We didn’t get the chance to discuss it further because he had to head to work.. And it’s been on my mind the last 2 days!

It is really really soon! We are still getting to know each other… But then again, how many times have I wished I could pick up and start over somewhere?! I’m still young, only 25, so I guess now is the time to be spontaneous and have adventures if I’m ever going to…

I don’t know if I should over analyze and question everything about it or if I should just be spontaneous and go with it! Assuming he was serious and does want me to move with him. For now, this is all hypothetical!

Pros- it would be a fun adventure, I would get to be with him (close) and see where things go, its only 2 hours from home, it gets me out of my town filled with memories of J and K…

Cons- it’s very soon, it could not work out between us, it snows there! (Burrr!!!), I wouldn’t know anyone, I’m away from my family, I would have to find a new job…

I don’t know what to do if he was serious.. I obviously plan on talking more about it with him.. Get some clarity.. See what he is wanting and where this thing between us is going.. We aren’t even officially dating!

A mutual friend suggested waiting until like January and then maybe moving up there.. That would give us more time to get to know one another and show one way or another if he makes and effort to keep in contact with me.. Distance could make or break us since we are such a new “couple”.

I guess I’ll just have to wait until we get to talk more about it…

Until next time-
Xoxo Aly.

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