Holding On or Letting Go


So I’ve mentioned that David is moving in a few short weeks, 2 hours away.. I haven’t seen him, so I haven’t gotten to talk to him about it.. I feel like it should be in person…

But on my own over the past few days I’ve really been thinking about what to do.. We have only been talking for a month. It’s still new. We aren’t boyfriend-girlfriend yet… And now he’s moving… Not super far but it would still be “long distance”. At this point in our “relationship” is it worth it to hold on or is it better to just let it go?

Giving it a try to make it work would be a lot more effort than just simply cutting ties. At this point, I’m not really emotionally invested. Guess my “wall” I always have up is good for something right now.. But I don’t lose if I just walk away now. I don’t risk the pain and heartache that could potentially come from a long distance relationship.

But on the other side, when does anything worth having come without some risks and hard work? I just don’t know if there is enough foundation between David and I to even start a relationship since its going to be long distance. I don’t even know if we know each other enough to be in an official relationship, even without the moving complication!

I like him, I do! But I just don’t know if its worth it at this point… If he were staying here, I would definitely keep talking to him, and I’m sure we would get to the point of being boyfriend-girlfriend. And I know I mentioned in one of my last few blogs that he mentioned me going with him, but again, I haven’t seen him to talk to about it all… That’s just another complication!!

I’m sure I’m over thinking it all, but it’s kind if been stressing me out… I don’t know when I will see him next, but I need to see David and somehow bring up this heavy conversation…

Wish me luck?? Lol

Xoxo Aly

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