I don’t know how to feel right now. Sometimes you just want more. And sometimes that’s okay…

Tomorrow is the day David is moving… And I texted him wayyy earlier today, and I was hoping we could maybe see each other one more time before he leaves… But no.. He just now texted me back, over 12 hours later, and just an “xo” text.. Nothing in reply to my good morning text and the other stuff I said earlier.

*le sigh* either this is the beginning of the end, or I’m more upset about him leaving that I’m willing to admit.. Or both..?

I think it’s ok for me to want more than a simple “xo”.. Or even more than an unestablished long distance relationship.. I want more than seeing my “partner” once or twice a month.. If I’m that lucky… More than just one text back a day….

And I do deserve more than that.

It’s just a sucky situation all around.. I like him, but how can this really work? It’s not like we have a huge foundation or super close emotional bond there.

I did feel something when we first met. I still do feel comfortable with him.. But I just don’t know if I see it being able to work with him being away…

Should I just cut it off now? Or maybe at least give it a little time to see how it goes once he is actually gone? I mean, I guess I should at least just see how things go before I bail out… Right?

I hate thinking that I’m giving up too soon or not giving David enough of a chance… But I also think that I am maybe looking for an excuse to withdraw so I don’t end up getting hurt..

I don’t know…. I’m rambling on now.. Just wanted to vent a little and get out what I’m feeling at the moment…

Xoxo, Aly

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