If you could live anywhere…

Where would you choose to live?

I always think about where I would move to, if I could.. Realistic places or not..

Realistically, I would love to move to Southern California- closer to disneyland!! I am definitely a disneyland freak!

In my dreams, I could see myself in Hawaii, or maybe Italy or France.. Hawaii would be more likely than moving overseas but hey, a girl can dream right?!

So where would you move to, if you could? Close or far. Realistic or not..


Xoxo Aly

One thought on “If you could live anywhere…

  1. I would love to move to Manchester, London, Atlanta/La/new York and then travel if I could 😊 dream big, your dreams have to be bigger than your fears dear aly

    Go for it, new chapters new stories and new memories xoxox

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