Another Day, Another Date…

I’m starting to think I may be jinxed.. Saturday night I had a first date/double date with new guy Mat. He’s cute and seemed nice and polite, but I’m not sure yet if I feel attracted to him or if he could be someone I would date… He’s really good friends with the other couple we went out with, so during the date, I felt like he was mostly talking to them.. We didn’t really get a chance to talk much one on one.

But dinner went good, except for the fact I somehow got something in my eye that resulted in me having to go to the ER the next morning! ugh! My eye started hurting like something was in it, and it turned BRIGHT red.. So embarrassing.. I kept having to excuse myself to go to the restroom to try and get it out.. I felt awful for having to keep leaving, and self conscious of my tomato red eye… But I didn’t let it ruin the night- we continued on to a Whisky Bar (no whiskey for me- just not for me) and we stopped at a small chocolate shop, then went back to the other couple’s house and played Cards Against Humanity for a while..

By the end of the night, my eye was unbearable… Anyway, at the ER they said i had 2 deep scratches that I couldn’t have caused myself (like by my nails or rubbing) so I’m not allowed to wear my contacts for a week or two, and I have some antibiotic eye drops to put in 4x a day until it’s healed.. What an ordeal!

Remember that horrible, awful date I went on with C a few months back? Yeah you know, the one where I basically accidentally drugged myself?? First that, now scratched up eye!? I think I’m jinxed when it comes to first dates… Except David, our first date went really good but then it turned out he barely ever contacted me once he moved, so whatever.. Moving on from him!

Mat’s ears must have been ringing, because he just called me to tell me about a movie he just saw and how crazy it was.. I must say, he has been texting me on and off every day since our date.. Nice change from Mr Lame-o David before…

I’m going to try and give it a shot.. Just see if we have anything in common, if I feel any connection.. Looks wise, he’s cute… But not really my type.. I usually like guys a little taller, maybe some facial hair, tattoos, blue eyes preferably.. He’s a little taller than me, and he has a cute roundish face and dimples.. But because of his career, I don’t think he can have facial hair.. And I didn’t notice any tattoos. And he has brown eyes.. Not to be superficial, but it’s just not my typical look of guys I go for.. But as I said, i’m going to try and get to know him more before making up my mind.. Looks are just the outside. It’s what inside that matters most..

But because of how clean cut he looks, I’m not sure if I’m really his type either… I mean, I look like a cute blonde hair blue eyed girl, but I have 5 tattoos (most are hidden), but I need a guy that’s not only going to be ok with me having these tattoos, but also be ok with the fact that I AM going to get more.. And probably more visible ones.. Maybe a half sleeve at some point… I just don’t think I can date someone who is too conservative in that aspect..

I guess we’ll see what happens.. It’s only been 3 days. Maybe date 2 won’t be so jinxed… lol

xoxo Aly.

7 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Date…

  1. Bless you!!! You make me smile but I feel bad for you also 😦 I’m sorry you had something in your eye but date number 2 might be good, also try to ignore the preferences (the tattoos and the beard etc 😜) you may be surprised who might be out there and also don’t rule yourself out because you have a few tattoos also, just make sure next time you see him just where he’s at in his life and what he feels about them on a woman!!! Also a guy show love his woman wether she’s covered in tattoos Etc so if he doesn’t appreciate it then hes not the one 😉 have fun get yourself out there but also protect your heart don’t give it away too easily, make him work hard and if he doesn’t then hey go find someone who will

    You can do it ALY!!! I believe in you and you’re such a wonderful person!!

    Your friend

    G.S x

    PS I’ve been looking into moving to America!!! YIKES!!!

    • 🙂 I am trying to keep and open mind, but also keeping my heart protected.. At least that’s one thing I learned from the last guy, how to get to know someone without getting too attached too soon… With that said, I’ve been talking to new guy Mat on and off for the last few days via text and phone calls! He always texts me first, and so far, he makes me smile.. I mentioned my tattoos during the initial double date, more directed towards my friend Sara but he was in on the conversation too.. Looks and physical traits matter, but not enough that I would completely rule someone out just because they do/dont have a physical trait I like/dislike…

      So, so far so good.. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what happens…

      And OH MY GOSH! That’s incredible! Which area(s) have you been looking into? It’d be such a big change, I’m sure!!

      Xoxo Aly

      • You’re doing everything right aly! :), at least you have learnt a valuable lesson from previous and moving forward from it! Always find out his intentions and don’t be afraid to find out what’s important to YOU, a guy called Steve Harvey I always watch his stuff and he says find out long term goals, short term goals, his relationship with his mother etc you should watch his YouTube stuff he’s brilliant 🙂 take every step nice and small and just have fun enjoy yourself and he’s showing decent signs because he WANTS to talk to you first 🙂

        Exactly 🙂 it’s good that you are open minded and it’s also good that you mentioned about tattoos etc but definitely mention it to him and see what he thinks and feels!

        You will time will tell, keep smiling and soldiering on you’re doing great!

        I KNOW!!!!!!!! I’ve been looking for either a travel visa or work visa (music and acting)

        Currently looking at manhattan, NY, Cali, but I’d move anywhere if I’m honest as long as I can do music, work and live there I’d be over the moon 😊 nervous because I’m frightened if I got there I’d have nowhere to stay and no job so I just have to be careful it’d be a big step but its on my bucket list!! What do you think?

        GS xoxo

      • Well California is pretty nice! 😉 I love living here… I’m sure there would be tons to figure out before you move, if you do decide to go for it, but how great of an adventure would it be?! Once you decide on a location, I’m sure you could start looking for jobs and housing in that particular area.. Get an idea of how much a place to stay would be and all that..

        How exciting though! And scary.. I always imagine how it would be to pick up and start somewhere new..

        Can’t wait to hear what you decide to do!

        🙂 Aly

      • Is it? And is that where you are? I might be off there in April to kinda test the water, it would be a fantastic adventure, you’re absolutely right! I will take my time and see if I can land a job and shared accomodation and take it from there!

        I know! I would like to live certain places for a few months but America is my dream for the long term!!

        I will let you know what I do 🙂

        GS xox

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