2nd Time Around

Date #2 last night with Mat went very well! My eye was barely red anymore, and other than my being limited to only wearing glasses (versus contact lenses) it went exactly how I would have liked it to! I’m still a bit undecided about whether or not I could see myself in a successful relationship with him, but last night we got to talk a lot more and get to know each other a little better…

I met him at his house (which was very clean and cute for a bachelor pad), then we went to a wine bar and each had a glass of wine. I was still feeling nervous and shy, so I told him and said it can take me a while to feel comfortable and open up around new people.. I think I came off a little awkward in that moment tho.. Oh well.. He said it was cute. Then we stopped at a coffee shop and got some drinks togo to take back to his place so we could talk.

We sat on his couch and he had one some oldies music, very romantic in a subtle way… We talked for like 2 and a half hours.. He put my legs over his lap and he was kind of gently rubbing/massaging my lower legs.. Wait, that sounds kind of creepy and like he was trying to cop-a-feel, but it wasn’t weird at all! He walked me to my car, and we hugged goodbye.. No kisses, no hanky panky..

I feel like because I am still hurting and getting over K’s engagement, I really need to take things very slow and mild. I’m not even sure if I am ready since my heart was breaking just a week and a half ago. Or if I could see myself really being with him.. Sure, we seemed to hit it off last night and I had a great night just talking with him and laughing.. But I’m just not sure if I feel anything.. I’m trying to be open, and I am planning on seeing him again though.

Keeping an open mind and a semi open heart.

On that note, here is one of my favorite songs right now, that totally resonates with me…

xoxo Aly

3 thoughts on “2nd Time Around

  1. I’m glad the date went really well!!! 🙂 and also that you’re taking thing slowly and still seeing wether you could see yourself with him, it’s tough especially with going through the motions and I take my hat off for you dating and getting out there!! I hope that you gain clarity and figure things out soon for yourself so you know where to take the next step!!!!

    Keep smiling and I LOVE Jana Kramer!!!! Good song 😉

    Have a great weekend aly

    GS xoxo

    • It really is tough.. Because I know I’m still not completely over K’s engagement. I’m still hurting, though I’m not really showing it on the outside. It’s hard to move on and think about love again when I really am still dealing with a broken heart… Going through the motions is exactly what I feel like I’m doing! But hopefully it will get easier.. And if it doesn’t work out with this guy, then on to the next! lol


      xoxo Aly

      • That will hurt less and bother you less in time I promise you that :), so do your best to let that leave your mind (keeping busy etc)

        I always say it but you’re doing everything right! Listening to your heart and your head and just take the small steps! You’ll be surprised how far you’ve come when you look back!

        GS xoxo

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