My “Type” of Man

I was talking to some coworkers today about Mat and how completely opposite he is to David. And I was telling them I wasn’t sure if he was my “type” or not, but then I got to thinking… I don’t even know if I really do have a “type” of man or not…

Seriously, all 4 of my boyfriends were soooo different! And the other guys I have talked to have all been different from each other and from my exes.. Some have had tattoos (3 guys), David and J included. Some have been tall, some barely taller than me. Some athletic, some not. Really, I wish I had pictures of all of them so I could show you guys!

But anyway. I’ve been saying that I’m not sure Mat is my type, but really is that just a cop out for me? I haven’t limited myself by saying it, because I have still been feeling things out with Mat. Texting, talking, and another date just 2 days ago.. But am I putting the false idea in my brain/subconscious that it can’t work with him because of x, y, and z? Maybe I’m sabotaging things by telling people and myself that he doesn’t fit into a certain category I “like”.

I feel like it’s practically hypocritical of me to say he (or any other guy who may come along) isn’t my “type” because I haven’t dated any two guys who were close to similar to each other!

And while Mat is very opposite from my last guy David, I think that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I mean, obviously things didn’t work out with David, so maybe it’s beneficial for me to change it up in the next guy I talk to..

But can I confess something? I think Mat is starting to grow on me, but if I had it my way, the guy I would end up with would look different. I’ve had this image in my head of looks and traits my guy would have. Love of country music, for one. Someone I could go to a country concert with and would sing all the songs with me. Not to mention, i’ve always imagined living in the country, with some land and animals. I’m a born and raised city girl, but I love the country lifestyle.. And another thing.. It may sound silly, but I would want a guy with blue or green eyes… My nieces and nephew have the biggest blue eyes, and I would want my own babies to have blue eyes.. I have dark blue eyes, but I feel like if my guy had blue or green eyes, our children would definitely too.. Superficial, I know.. I just picture my babies that way in my mind…

Not necessarily that these things really matter, it’s just the way I would have them if it were up to me.. And again, I’m not limiting myself! I’m not going to rule out someone just because they have brown eyes or don’t like country music. That would be stupid..

I feel like I’m not making very much sense… :/ I guess I just mean that if I could custom order my perfect guy, he would be different. And obviously, I’m not going to rule out a guy just because he doesn’t look like my planned out Ken Doll. lol

Well enough of my rambles.. Hope everyone has a nice weekend!

xoxo Aly.

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