Sneak Peak anyone?

hmm.. So I’ve only written a few short scenes so far… Anyone interested in reading a bit?? This “scene” is not based on my personal life, like some parts will be, and i imagine this will happen later on in the story line…

Well… I guess here goes nothing? Keep in mind this is all still VERY rough. I’ve reread and rewritten parts it several times already…

From the moment I saw him I was drawn to him. My heart races, some unknown drug coursing through my veins, like an electric current, alien to my body. Like a moth to flame, the dark, emptiness of my heart gravitated to all that he was, all that he could offer. A different world, just what my soul needed; an escape from the crushing reality that was my life. How I could possibly know all this about him from across the room, I don’t understand. Only that his piercing blue/green eyes call to the deepest, most carnal part of my soul, a part that I didn’t believe still existed until moments ago.
Lost in a world of my own, a sudden shove from behind shatters my reverie, “Find a different place to stand, Bitch.” My eyes tear away as I stumble out of the way, murmuring a quiet form of apology. I feel a deep blush rise over my cheeks as I glimpse the vixen behind the voice. The woman is tall, blonde and gorgeous in a way that I could never be. From her perfectly curled and pinned up hair, to her six inch black stilettos, every inch of her projected a confidence and sexuality I could only dream of. The black and red corset hugs her body in the most delicious way, accentuating her small waist and ample curves. Her skin tight black pants appeared to be painted on, showing off her long legs, ending right about heels that I would rather go barefoot than chance taking two steps.
I let out a long breath as the woman walks away, without another glance for me, in the dim light of the club towards the bar. Standing near the entrance of the room, what else could I expect? Unwillingly, my eyes draw back to the man in the black suit. I expect to find his attention back on the group of people at his booth, but instead he seemed to have been watching the entire time. He is leaning forward now, elbow resting on his left leg; his forefinger gently moves back and forth across his lower lip, thumb resting on his chin. His gaze lingers for a moment more before returning to the small group of people surrounding him.

So that’s it for now… Any thoughts? I’m curious and excited to get some feed back!

xoxo Aly.

3 thoughts on “Sneak Peak anyone?

  1. I love it!!! I think it’s fantastic and very descriptive in every detail and I get a picture of how you’ve set it in my own imaginary way 🙂 when you complete it get it published and I would buy it!

    I actually wrote 10 chapters ish about how me and Scarlett met and broke up!

    It will never be finished but it’s hiding in my iPhone somewhere 😉

    Keep up the great work

    Sending love hugs and positive vibes always

    G.S xoxo

    • Thank you so much!! I’m not sure if it will go anywhere, but I’m enjoying writing my story (kind of) down from a different perspective.. I’d love to eventually complete it and get it published, but we’ll see!! 😉

      xoxo aly

      • You’re welcome!, how are you feeling? Be careful though because I wrote parts and it opened wounds I thought that’d healed haha but I think it’s made m stronger writing it down especially with the success of my songs about her!

        Also I have a new job finally!!!!!!! So saving for USA and everything else I want to do :).

        It would be amazing I think you’re writing skills are fantastic!

        GS xoxo

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