It’s pouring.
All around-
I hear it,
I see it,
I feel it in my soul.

Against the windows,
Against the roof,
Against my walls.

It has been going on for a while now.
I can’t remember when it started.
I didn’t notice when,
But I know it now.

Unless you’re really paying attention,
When it first starts,
Unless you’re on the lookout for it,
You don’t notice it.

But eventually you realize it.
The cold seeps in,
The rhythm becomes your lullaby,
The falling droplets hypnotize you.

The rain is all I know now.
Eventually it always stops,
I know that.

But as for now,
It consumes me.

And I find solace in its dreary nature.

6 thoughts on “Rain

    • Oh no! I’m so sorry… It’s so hard to unexpectedly see the person you’re trying to move on from! There isn’t really much you can do, like you said.. I guess all you can do is just try to accept it and move on.. That sounds so generic! Gosh… I think that Scarlett for you, and K for me, will always be sore spots for us. Any time we hear something about them, see them or pictures of them, it’s always going to sting us a little bit…

      Sending positive vibes and strength your way! I’m always here if you need to talk..
      xoxo Aly.

      • It is, definitely a sore spot for me but in a way it’s kind of helped. It’s pushed me to get my ass into gear with my new job and work hard on the gym and just keep my life on track. Don’t want her to stalk me in the future and be thinking god what was I doing with him lol. She might not look back but at least if she does I’m in a better place than when she walked away. It hurts because I don’t hate her, and I don’t care about what happened I just have questions that can’t be answered…. That’s the shitty part and it’ll always be the one that got away and all that jazz but apart from that things are abit better apart from working 8:30 – 5 Monday to Friday haha!

        Sending positive vibes your way too! Same I’m always here for you too and thank you for replying!! Xoxo

      • Good for you! I know its sometimes hard for me to find positive things to do to help me keep busy.. And yes, the unanswered questions suck! For me, it’s the ‘what if’s’ that really bother me.. But luckily, lately, I’ve been able to let go a bit more of everything.. I guess we’ll see if things keep going as well for me! lol

        anytime GS!
        xoxo Aly

      • I’m so glad that things are getting better and going well for you aly 🙂 I hope you continue to carry it into the remainder of the year, keep it up!

        What will be will be :), stay strong and keep smiling xoxo

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