During the day, with the sun shining, things to do, places to go, it’s easy to be distracted.

When the sun is out, shining and making everything seem bright and cheery, it’s easy to forget.

You have no time in your busy day to sit and dwell.

Or maybe it’s just a welcome excuse not to think about the night and all it brings.

At night, when everything is dark and still, it’s hard to be distracted.

My anxiety peaks. I’m restless. Sad. Lonely.


There is no hiding from the darkness in the dark.

Sometimes I feel like the darkness overwhelms the progress I make during the day.

Not to worry, my spirits and mood rises with the sun each morning. And my faith never waivers, no matter what.

But with the night, it’s harder to fight the anxiety. It’s one of the few constants I can think of in my life.

The companion, unwanted, but diligent in its appearance.

Just a few thoughts for the night…..

Xoxo Aly

2 thoughts on “Night

    • I am doing good.. Things are getting easier by the day when it comes to letting go of from K. I still have my moments though…

      thank you! Ive been keeping very busy lately!

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