Follow your heart or your brain?

Is it better to follow your heart or your mind?

If you feel something in your heart so strongly, do you owe it to yourself to hold into hope that it can one day happen?

Or do you listen to your mind that tells you that it is too late, that 4 1/2 years is too long a time to fix things, that he has moved on and you need to too?

Do you listen to that voice in your head that says you are crazy and pathetic for still thinking you could get a second chance, or that other little voice, that little flutter in your heart, that deep enduring assuredness that tells you he was the one, your soul mate?

I don’t know if I’m crazy or a hopeless romantic or what… I feel so conflicted. I feel like I am being torn in two. I don’t know what’s real, what side of me I should listen to. It’s depressing, this feeling. Not knowing. Not being sure which part of me is right, what I should do.